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As a Star Wars fan, we focus on innovation and creation!

GEMEGA – Star Wars Rhapsody (Fun Video)
Greetings from GEMEGA!

Thank you for choosing GEMEGA – a new generation of car air purifier: anti-haze, anti-odor, and anti-bacteria. We help you stay safe!

  • CADR (against particles): 23.7 m3/h
  • CADR (against TVOC): 14.7 m3/h
  • Bacteria-killing rate: 99.91%

Services are available in English, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia. Click to know more:

Video Tutorials

with captions in English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia
Unboxing and Review
Test in Korea

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Greetings from GEMEGA! 2020 was a year full of unexpectedness. Let’s make 2021 a year full of HOPE!

  • Happy Songkran Day

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