Tips on using GEMEGA air purifier in the face of Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips on using GEMEGA air purifier

How to use ozone to sanitize?

Ozone is effective in removing odor and killing bacteria. This machine has a bacteria killing rate of 99.91%! Besides using in car, it can also be used indoors for multiple purposes.

Alcohol is corrosive to automotive interior parts, since many of them are made of ABS material. It’s better to sanitize your car with ozone.

After returning home, put your coats, hats and shoes in the toilet room. Turn on the ozone, shut the door, and let the ozone release for 10 minutes. Shoe soles needs sanitizing, in particular, since you might have stepped on phlegm on the street.

Use ozone twice or three times more if your toilet room is a big one, or if you have a lot of things to sanitize. In the meantime, the toilet is also deodorized.

use ozone to sanitize face masks

Here we use this car air purifier to sanitize masks. A mask cannot be sanitized by washing or high temperature. So, ozone is a good way to sanitize it.

You can put face masks and other things into a storage box, connect the machine to a power bank, turn on the ozone, cover the box, and let ozone sanitize the things inside.

  • Turn on the ozone
  • Cover the storage box
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Open the cover
  • The face masks are sanitized

GEMEGA – we care!

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